Japanese Web Design

Talk Your Customer’s Language

Cortext has years of experience helping clients communicate effectively in the Japanese market. We can translate your existing Web site into Japanese, a few key pages, or create a completely original Japanese Web site.


Translation Quality

Cortext uses only high quality translators, ensuring accurate and context sensitive translation.


We can create form pagesfor visitors to fill out with options to select in Japanese, which send the results back to you in English.


Cortext has experience creating multilingual ‘dynamic’ Web sites which interact with databases.

Search Engines

Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and Excite are vital for navigating the Internet and finding Web sites. Using various techniques, your Web pages can be designed to have an increased chance of featuring higher on a list of search results. We can also register your Web site with the leading Japanese Search Engines.


Our pricing is straightforward and free of hidden extras. Firm quotations are provided free of charge for both individual projects and long term contracts. To receive a quotation please contact .

Every site and project is different so this work is performed on a quotation basis only. Our charges are listed below to help you make a quick price comparison.

Text Translation: £240/1,000 words (English to Japanese)
Text translations of a highly technical nature may be charged at a price rate higher than that quoted here.

Web Design: £29/hour
(Creating original Web pages in Japanese)

HTML Localisation: £15/page
(Setting up translated Web pages in Japanese)

Graphic Design: £27/hour

Search Engines: £49
Registration with the top 15 Japanese Search Engines

Amendments: £9/page
+ Cost of text translation

For more information contact:

Robert Castelo
[email protected] 
Tel: 020 8746 0117