The Computer Virus: A PR Challenge

A troubling situation attacked the first national bank; its computers were attacked by a strategically set computer virus. In brief, a computer virus is a program that is meant to alter the normal functioning of the computer. This situation had a notable impact on the functioning of the bank as it hit its records making it unviable to deliver appropriately. In this case, most of the functions that a bank entails had been comprised, from delivery of services to customer service. All this was in the hand of the bank’s president to come up with an impeccable solution that should save the bank to the customer and media trust.

In this situation, the bank had to come up with the appropriate strategy to air the information to the media without losing their credibility of their customers. They were faced with two situations, one the way to fix these issues of the virus and the other is how to present the information to the public. Clearly, as the virus seemed like a concern the issue of presenting the message of the problem to their customers was also a consideration. Evidently, this paper presents a discussion of the detailed analysis of the bank’s case and the dilemma the situation proved, in this case when presenting information companies should be considerate of the impact on both sides of the party while still basing the issue on ethics.


The national bank president impact on the bank was at its maximum; Myron Fitzsimmons knew the issue had to be presented to the bank’s stakeholders and the loyal customers who were the primary stakeholders of the bank. His role as the president was to ensure they had the information first hand form the bank. To do this, the president had another role; to give clear details on the issue and promptly before the wrong information leaks out. He came up with a solution to involve the companies most respected employee Franz Sizemore who was head of the bank’s public relations department, she knew all the aspect of presenting such a situation to the public but needed guidance from the president.

To present the information, the Banks president and the public relations manager had to outlay all the possible impact of the way the information is presented, they had positions such as presenting the message to customers without clear detail, but this would lower their trust if the whole situation leaked out. On the other hand, they could present the situation with full detail, but this could lead to the customers losing trust in the bank and having the idea that their information and privacy in the bank would be in the wrong hands. With this two situations, the bank had an ethical issue as they did not have the magnitude of the company’s real issue as they had not yet realized the virus implications.


Ethical perspectives

Ethics is denoted as the study of what is morally right or wrong, in this case, First National Bank is faced with ethical issues in the way they have to portray the message to their customers and the media. First, they are faced with the aspect of fairness; the bank needs to be fair and offer the information to customers as par the situation, as that affects them as it affects the customer, meaning they should equally draw the impact of the situation to them as it is to the customers. Secondly is the issue of, credibility; the information should be credible, they should present all they understand of the virus and its implication, this might affect their business operations but ethically it ought to be followed. Thirdly is virtue theory, this means that a situation must be presented in honesty and truthfulness, in this case; the bank is faced with an honest issue. As the situation is not fully known, they are either to give annotation as it or present bits that will retain the customers’ loyalty. The dilemma itself presents a situation where honestly might be compromised.

Conclusion & Recommendation

Evidently, ethics comes up as a discussion in almost every business perspectives; in this case, the First National Bank has severally been faced with ethics issue which has even led to a loss. In the current case, the banks face a computer virus and the way to disseminate the information to the media, and their customers seem to be faced with the similar ethical issue. Through an analysis the dilemma presented leave the bank at an evidently hot situation, their credulity, loyalty and data are all in line. Such cases call for utmost thought and analysis. Despite not having enough detail on the virus the company should quickly respond to the situation by presenting the information as research is being conducted. In this case, I recommend the company analyzes the impact of honesty and how to resolve the issue of customers’ credibility on them. The information should be presented with the exact detail and the technical knowhow of the solving process; this will ensure honesty is met, and the customers have trust due to the presentation of the solution.

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