Chestnut Ridge Country Club

Market research is one of the vital fields that demand to conduct accurate and eloquent research designs to get the precise market information. The research about Chestnut Ridge Country Club employs a descriptive research design to explore its efficiency in contrast to other Country Clubs (Alden, Chalet, and Lancaster) present in the Elma, Tennessee area. The authorities at the Chestnut Ridge Country Club witness declining annual membership in the club, which is the main motivation for the research study. The researchers are using survey method to facilitate the overall research design of the study. The researchers are using ‘Mail Questionnaire’ as the data collection tool. Besides, being a very rich in its operation, the research design offers an in-depth understanding of the diminishing competence.

The survey method is the appropriate method for conducting the research because of the complex demographic status of the members of the club. Survey method compliments expressive research design that could be implemented to have a comprehensive market analysis. Mail questionnaire I the best suitable data collection tool in contrast to other tools like face to face interviews etc. due to the complexity of the respondents’ demography. It demands lower cost and is best suitable for this type of research inquiry.

The research study was able to collect rich data and offers a deep understanding of the other clubs’ operations. It is evident from the research (Table 1) that most of the respondents from the Chestnut Ridge are satisfied with the facilities provided by the Club that resulted in higher Composite ratings across all members for Average Overall Ratings of Each Club (4.35) as compared to the other three clubs (Alden: 3.85,      Chalet: 3.07,            and      Lancaster: 3.95). The study also revealed that there are some areas where the Chestnut Ridge Country Club could improve its services. Furthermore, most of the respondents who are members of other clubs have a positive outlook for a good number of facilities provided at the Chestnut Ridge. But, some of the services may need to be improved in order to have an edge in the Country Club markets. The research recommends improvements in the conditions of the Tennis courts and food prices. Also, it is clear from the research (Table 2) that the overall Club management needs to be well upgraded.  It is clear from the research that the membership rates and the overall perception of the respondents are still higher for the Chestnut Ridge Country Club compared to the other three Country Clubs.

The descriptive survey research design implemented by the researchers offers an in-depth understanding of the market value of the Chestnut Ridge Country Club as compared to other existing Country Clubs. The research design is rich in its application in context to the ease of the information collection. According to the study, Chestnut Ridge possesses a better reputation in most of the services provided by the club. But, the authorities need to improve certain facilities in order to attract more and more members. The study was able to develop concrete conclusions regarding the demands of services and facilities recommended by most of the respondents.

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