Translation as a Service of Relevance

Nowadays, every company, institution or individual is seeking to attract the attention of as many people as possible. The purposes may vary, from promoting a product to offering help to people who need it (in the case of public institutions or NGO’s).  Obviously, it is not only the purposes that vary, the means and strategies also change in every case.

In the globalized world in which we live, translation is gaining great relevance. There are two reasons for this, the first is that it is becoming easier to do business abroad, and the second is that the large migrations of people have made many mono-linguistic countries become poly-linguists. Nowadays, not only tourists speak in a foreign language in squares or shopping centers, but also the person next door, who has come to work for an international company or has simply settled in the country.

So, if my company needs a translation service, how can I be sure to find a company that takes its job seriously? The answer can be a bit difficult. Obviously, every company that we contact will promote itself as the top or one of the best translation website, but to discover if that is true, we will need to conduct an additional investigation, which could take a little time.

What should we seek for? We must first investigate the reviews. Any translation agency that claims to be the top or one of best agencies should have a professional website where reviews of their previous work will be published. In the reviews, the first thing we must identify is honesty, not all reviews must have “5 stars” or state wonderful things about the services offered, since the expectations of all customers are not always met.

The second important point to work with a translation agency is to discover if it is an individual working with an agency name or a group of individuals. There are translation agencies that have one or two members, and there are others that have work teams of up to 25 people. A small team will tell us that our translation may take longer to complete, as members may be overwhelmed. A large team could tell us little control over the work of its members. Nevertheless, both small and big agencies can provide great positive points as well.

And so we could highlight many points in favor and against translation companies, but the point is to propose a way to find a good company. Ideally, to do so, we should plan our translations with time, and assign a small part, a sample, to different agencies. In this way, even with a small additional expense, we can discover which agency best suits for what we need, and in the process of ‘sampling’, we might even discover other agencies that could help us in different projects or objectives. There are many reliable translation agencies, but we must have clear that no all of them are suitable for each project that we have to execute.