Business Card Translation

Business Card Translation

When Cortext typesets and prints Japanese business cards we make sure they are linguistically and culturally appropriate for the Japanese market. Below are some of the cultural differences we take into account when creating your Japanese business card.

Job Title

For Japanese it is vital to know a person’s position within a company so that they can show the appropriate level of respect, a business card is a means of indicating a person’s status within a company. Unfortunately job titles do not always translate directly.

In English, a job title does not always clearly indicate the person’s exact status within the company hierarchy. Also, many jobs that exist in the West are virtually unheard of in Japan. The recent tendency to use fancy terms for mundane positions has also added to the confusion.

English job titles are therefore not usually translated directly, instead our translators check with clients what is their exact position within the company so that a suitable Japanese term with the same status can be chosen.

If your job title has no Japanese equivalent, a short description can be added in parenthesis below the job title itself. We will advise you if we think that such a description would be helpful in your situation.

Telephone and Fax Numbers

The international country code should be added to the front of your telephone and fax numbers to make it easy for your Japanese contacts to get in touch with you.


The Japanese only ever write someone’s name in red ink if they are dead, so you should never use a business card with your name printed in red.