How Do We Begin?

How Do We Begin?

Cortext can make publishing easy, whether you need Japanese typesetting for a whole publication, one page, or even just part of a page.

Part of a Page

Do you need to add Japanese text to one of your layouts?

Cortext can provide you with the Japanese translated text of your English original, in a format which can be easily dropped into your pages, and scaled up or down as required.

One Page or A Whole Publication

Do you need a page or publication typeset in Japanese?

What We Need To Begin

If you have an English version already typeset and would like us to reproduce it in Japanese, please send us:

  • File of the typeset pages (QuarkXPress, InDesign, Word, Powerpoint, Keynote, Illustrator, PageMaker, etc.)
  • Image files used in the layout.
  • Printout of the pages.

If you would like us to create a new layout, please send us:

  • English text to be translated
  • Image files to be used in the layout
  • If you would like us to use your company style, please send examples, and if there is one, a company stylesheet.
What We Will Deliver

Cortext can supply you with a PDF file of your Japanese pages, which you and your printer can use without requiring any Japanese fonts.